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Windows Live Mail is one of the products of Microsoft. It has all the features that Windows Mail has and in addition, there are several other features. Some of them are that emoticons can be used in emails and other functions, synchronization with windows live contacts, multi-line message lists, in-line spell checking, separate inbox option for different POP accounts etc.

If you are having problems configuring your email account with windows mail, you can opt for windows live mail. Some of the common issues with Windows Live Mail faced by users are:

  • You don’t know how to set up Windows Mail for your email account.
  • Unable to receive e-mail.
  • Unable to send email messages.
  • Not able to view or save an attached file.
  • The links are not working in the emails.
  • Outbox messages are not being sent or deleted.
  • You don’t get the difference between Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express.
  • You forgot my password and I’m unable to access my account.

We provide Technical Support for all the above listed problems. You can contact us on our toll free customer care number which is 1-844-899-4851 and all your queries can be solved by our technicians who are professionals and will provide you solutions in no time.

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You can rely on our Technical Support Services provided for Windows Live Mail. We are available for our clients 24/7. We receive calls from all the geographical regions and help you via remote access technology. You can avail our service at a very affordable price and you don’t have to deal with the problems of having a technician at your place. There is a list of subscriptions from which you can select the one most appropriate for your requirements. You won’t be stuck up in worrisome situations anymore.